Weekly Log 8


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Latin Lesson 15:

  1. pend, pens- hang
  2. pend, pens, pond- weigh
  3. pend, pens- pay
  4. pand, pans, pass- spread; extend
  5. panti, pass- suffer; feel; endure; permit
  6. pon, pos, posit [pound, post]- put; place
  7. tend, tens, tent- stretch
  8. tenu- thin
  9. tempt, tent- try out; test
  10. ten, tin, tent [tain]- hold
  11. hers, hes- stick; cling

Greek Lesson 7:

  1. bio- life
  2. phys- nature; growth
  3. psych- mind; soul; spirit
  4. soma, somat- body
  5. lith, lite- stone
  6. petr, peter- rock
  7. glyph, glypt- carving
  8. icon- image; idol; star
  9. astr- star
  10. nom- arrangement; law
  11. onoma, onym- name
  12. ec, oec- house; environment
  13. ethn- nation
Greek Lesson 7:

  1. palco- ancient
  2. neo- new
  3. hier- sacred
Greek Lesson 7:

  1. clasm, clas, clastt- breakage; destructions; one who shatters or destroys; breaking; destructive
  2. lysis, lyst, lytic, lyical- a loosening; solution; one who solves; loosening; dissolving
  3. iatry, iatrics, iatrist, iatric- a healing; science of healing; one who heals; promoting healing


Latin Lesson 15:

  1. She did not want to depend on her sister due to her previous record of being unreliable.
  2. Bill’s footsteps were heavy and ponderous because of the excessive amount of weight he was carrying on his shoulders.
  3. The big black truck was too expensive for the Rogers family to afford due to lack of income.
  4. The deep and expansive canyon covered over 100,000 miles of land
  5. When the girls tried to bully Candice, she responded to their notion in an impassive way hoping her emotionless face would make them stop.
  6. Her opponent was no match for her which ultimately lead to her victory in the diving meet.
  7. The teacher accidentally transposed the two students because he read the seating chart upside down.
  8. Ebola was an extensive disease due to the fact it affected several individuals across Africa and other regions.
  9. Their poor relationship was due to their tenuous communication skills.
  10. The tentative conclusion to the book trilogy left fans enraged because of the open ended ending.
  11. Everyone loved her because her retentive impressions from the popular television program leave it beaver.
  12. He could barely contain his current excitement for the upcoming family vacation.
  13. Add grease to the pan so the cake does not adhere to the pan.
  14. The teacher asked to the students to create a big cohesive circle around the room.
  15. Because of the accident, Tommy was incoherent after being thrown through his windshield.

Latin Lesson 15 roots:

  1. The pendant she received in the mail was a little blue and green glass turtle.
  2. The website was pending her age approval forcing Samantha to wait for an extended amount of time.
  3. Bob received compensation for his lost wages due to his car accident.
  4. Rick’s passive aggressive tendencies left him often making undirected rude comments to others.
  5. Chelsea’s favorite form of therapy was painting because she said the art soothes her soul.
  6. Her positive attitude made everyone in her class focus on the happier things in life instead of constantly dwelling.
  7. After Cory’s horrific car accident he was put in the intensive care unit at the hospital.
  8. His tenure with the company was written to be seven years in his contract.
  9. Because her nails looked like vomit splatters, Christa was relieved they were only temptory.
  10. The children remained tentative throughout the teacher’s speech even though it was long and dull.
  11. She did not hesitation to snatch the Justin Bieber tickets out of his hand.

Greek Lesson 7:

  1. Bruce Jenner wrote a biography about his decathlon win in the 1976 olympics.
  2. Bethany wanted to study physiology in college because she was fascinated with living organisms and their functions.
  3. Brian wanted to become a  psychiatry in order to help people with mental illness.
  4. Most of her systems were psychosomatic meaning they were not actually happening but she was convinced they were.
  5. People were hunters and gathers in the paleolithic age.
  6. The study of petrology deals with rocks.
  7. The hieroglyphics revealed a number of unanswered information about the ancient civilization.
  8. The iconoclast attacked the women for her christian driven beliefs.
  9. People who claim to have misoneism are terrified of change.
  10. Because of her love for stars, Lilly studied astronomy in college.
  11. The letter was classified as anonymous because nobody knew who had wrote it.
  12. During the 1930’s the economics of America were poor, to say the least.
  13. The system was anomaly founded from the previous system’s standards.
  14. Her brief analysis was a short summary about the book A Child Called It.
  15. The ethnologist decided to focus on the study of men and women and how they react with each other in a relationship.

Greek Lesson 7:

  1. Every student is required to take biology because it is the study of all living organisms.
  2. Her physical appearance revealed her family was fairly weathley.
  3. Because she wanted to become a therapist, Bethany studied psychology.
  4. The eyes and ears are somatic because they deal with parts of the body.
  5. Because of her teacher, Sally had literacy giving her the ability to read and write.
  6. The horrifying movie left the young girl petrified of the dark.
  7. The scientist study glyphology because he was fascinated with the study of where humans have come from.
  8. His new tux was iconic causing everyone to stop and take another glance.
  9. The astringent got rid of all the extra gunk that was left over.
  10. At the beginning of year, teachers always struggle with nominal issues.
  11. Beautiful is a synonym for pretty.
  12. A frog is apart of a wet or watery ecosystem.
  13. Her ethnicity was apart of the African American category.