Weekly Log 7


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Greek Lesson 6:

  1. tom- cut
  2. ton, ten- stretch; tone
  3. chir- hand
  4. pod- foot
  5. cephal- head
  6. dectyl- finger; toe
  7. gloss, glott, glot- tongue; language
  8. osteo- bone
  9. derm, dermat- skin
  10. plas, plasm, plast- mold; shape; form; substance

Latin lesson 13:

  1. aesth, esth- feeling; perception
  2. eth- habit; moral
  3. neur- nerve
  4. pneum, pneurmat, pnea- breath; wind
  5. opt, ops, op- sight; view; eye
  6. ophthalm- eye
  7. them, the, thet, thee, thec, thek- put; place
  8. thanat, thanas- death
  9. necro- dead
  10. taph- tomb
  11. mnem, mne, mnes- memory
  12. soph- wise

Latin Lesson 14:

  1. tax, tect- arrangement; order
  2. tox, toxic- poison
  3. dox- belief; opinion
  4. paed, ped- child; instruction
  5. athl- prize
  6. kine, kino, cinem, cinemat- movement
  7. sept, seps- posion (from decay)
Greek Lesson 6:

  1. pachy- thick
  2. tauto- same

Latin Lesson 13:

  1. dys- difficult; bad

Latin Lesson 14:

  1. proto- first
  2. deutero- second
  3. tri- three
  4. tetra- four
  5. penta- five
  6. hexa- six
  7. hepta- seven
  8. octo- eight
  9. ennea- nine
  10. deka, deca, dec- ten
  11. hecato, hecatom, hecaton, hect- hundred
  12. kilo- thousand
  13. myraid- ten thousand
Greek Lesson 6:

  1. algia, algy, algiac, algic, algetic- pain; one who suffers; pertaining to or causing pain;
  2. itis, itic- inflammation; one who has inflammation; characterized by inflammation
  3. machy, machia, machist, machic, machical, machal- war; fight; one who fights; pertaining to fighting

Latin Lesson 13:

  1. orama- view
  2. oramist- one who views
  3. oramic- pertaining to vie


Greek Lesson 6:

  1. The atom is the basic element of life that is commonly found in a chemistry class.
  2. The monotone of the singers voice bored most of the audience members.
  3. The student’s chirography was so poor the teacher made her rewrite the entire paper.
  4. A cephalopod animal had eight tentacles and was identified to be an octopus.
  5. The deaf community uses dactylology in efforts to communicate with others who have the ability to hear and talk.
  6. Brittany was polyglot being that she spoke Spanish, English, French, and German.
  7. Candice had an osteotomy done on her foot in efforts to eliminate the pain due to her extra foot bone.  
  8. At the zoo, most pachyderm animals such as the elephants or hippos are found in the grasslands region.
  9. Brian choose paper bags over plastic bags in efforts to participate in recycling.
  10. Autumn was diagnosed with cephalalgia problems due to her frequent migraines.
  11. Sandra made the mistake of camping next to poison ivy leaving her skin in a dermatitis condition.
  12. Bill and Bob go into a logomachy over the differences between the words their and they’re.
  13. Fortune tellers often use chiromancy to tell one’s future through the line of their palms.
  14. The doctors did a hypodermic to help his skin problems heal.
  15. The constant tautology of the teacher annoyed the student because he sounded as if he was a broken record.

Greek Lesson 6 roots:

  1. Tomorrow marks the first day of the year 2016 which in chinese means the year of the monkey.
  2. Brad bit his tongue leaving a hole on the tip.
  3. The bird chirped all day long because he was hungry and could not find food.
  4. Every Wednesday, Sasha’s podcast is live on her website.
  5. The doctor used the term cephalization meaning concentration towards the head.
  6. The fingerprints were told apart by a dactyloscopy test.
  7. William told the girl to use the glossary to look up the word she did not understand.
  8. The doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis the minute she said her bones seemed brittle.
  9. Her car accident caused necrosis in her liver
  10. The single cell root produce a dermatome on my hand. a
  11. Both Phil and Dill, donated plasma to the blood bank.

Latin Lesson 13:

  1. When Ryan broke his foot, the doctors gave him an anesthetic in efforts to dull the pain.
  2. Autumn had to make the decision whether it was ethical or not to get her revenge.
  3. Her neuralgia pain was so bad in her head that she took a trip to the ER room.
  4. We had a put a pneumatic entrance on the hamsters box in order for him to receive oxygen.
  5. After her dad had passed away, everyone sat around in a sadden state of thanatopsis.
  6. The doctor used an ophthalmoscope to inspect the young boy’s eye.
  7. Her hypothesis was if there is more water added to the balloon then the balloon will become bigger because the amount of content contained inside the balloon.
  8. Thomas’s grandpa was buried in indianapolis’s largest necropolis.
  9. The epitaph read, “loving daughter”.
  10. Due to the amnesia she suffered from her car accident, Candice could not remember anything.
  11. The teacher’s philosophical speak about free will was incredible.
  12. Because of his dyschromatopsia, Kaden could not see colors.
  13. The cyclorama painting captured all 360 degrees of the sky.
  14. The doctor recommended euthanasia to help put the alzheimer’s patient out of his pain.
  15. The two boys walked door to door to get an synopsis from everyone about their phone plan.

Latin Lesson 13 roots:

  1. The aestheticism approach to art is directly related to the aesthetic movement.
  2. Her ethics  prevented her from making un-moral decisions.
  3. Her ethnicity revealed she had an African American inheritance.
  4. The neurons  in the human brain help transmit nerve impulses.
  5. Sandra’s doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia because of the inflammation in her lung.
  6. Brian’s options were to either watch his sister or wash his dog.
  7. His ophthalmologist prescribed him glasses due to his poor vision.
  8. Because of her thanatophobia, Cartly could not fathom the thought of death.
  9. The theme of the story was never judge a book by its covers.
  10. Her taphephobia caused he to be terrified of dark and confined places.
  11. The mnemonic game memory helps strengthen children’s memory.
  12. The new computer game was very sophisticated; therefore, it was difficult to figure out.

Latin Lesson 14:

  1. Bill’s sneaky tactics insured his win of the race.
  2. Because the milk was toxic, the children could not drink it.
  3. The orthodox at school is do unto others as you wish them to do onto you.
  4. Everyone goes to a pediatric doctor until the age of eightteen.
  5. she looked in the encyclopedia in hopes it would help her finish her science homework.
  6. He claimed he could on do a triathlon because with pentathlon five events is too many for him.
  7. The kinetic energy for the marble to roll down the ramp.
  8. The antiseptic helped the poor old women fight off the nasty disease.
  9. The noodle scooping prototype was the smashing success at the new inventions convention.
  10. Deuteronomy is the fifth book in the large book series called Pentateuch.
  11. It took a decade for the happy couple to finally tie the knot.
  12. She could drive 0.62 per kilometer.
  13. The sentence’s syntax or structure was put together fairly sloppily.
  14. After her dog’s death, Cierra decided to take him to a taxidermy to get him stuffed.
  15. She became an orthopedic physician due to her interest of the muscles in the human body.

Latin Lesson 14 Roots:

    1. Because she lost her license, Brittany took a taxi.
  • Bill’s doctor diagnosed him with toxemia meaning his blood was poisoned.
  • The practice of doxology can lead any individual into a stronger faith in god.
  • Some believe humans are the pedigrees of monkeys.  
  1. The phenomenal athlete participated in tennis, basketball, and baseball.
  2. Her sign language interest lead to her to the study of kinesics in college.
  3. The septum in an individual’s nose can cause the nose to appear to be huge.