Weekly Log 6


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Latin Lesson 10:

  1. scrib, script- write
  2. liter- letter
  3. litig- dispute; quarrel; sue
  4. leg, lig, lect- choose; gather
  5. leg, lect- read
  6. leg- law
  7. lig- bind
  8. string, strict [strain, straint]- bind
  9. stingu, stinct- prick; prick out; quench
  10. stimul- goad; rouse
  11. pung, punct [point]- point; prick
  12. pugn, pug- fight; fist
Latin Lesson 10:

  1. The inscription on the rock astonished us because the date read June 12th 1884.
  2. American literature is a vital way for individuals to learn knowledge.
  3. She wanted to avoid litigation due to poor past court experiences.
  4. Brittany is eligible for multiple scholarships that include up to 40,000 dollars.
  5. The teacher had no trouble reading the student’s legible handwriting.
  6. The boys participated in illegal actions that lead to their arrest.
  7. Candice got revenge on her brother by tying a ligature around his ankles.
  8. My parents hold themselves in a very stringent manner towards me and my sisters.
  9. The teacher decided to restrict the website due to mature content.
  10. The food let off a distinct smell that swept through the entire house.
  11. The mother had to stimulate her baby’s senses in order to check his development.
  12. The pungent taste of spinach left me wanting to wash out my mouth with soap.
  13. Her nurse had to puncture her skin in efforts to replenish her body with an iv.
  14. Karl’s pugnacious manner left everyone not wanting to associate themselves with him because they did not want to argue with him.
  15. The pugilist inside Autumn shined through when her gym class did a unit on boxing.

Latin Lesson 10 roots:

  1. The police’s description of the man did not match correctly with his picture.
  2. The student was aliterate even though he had just finished reading a book.
  3. Aria decided to litigate after being brutally stalked for six years by an unknown figure by the name of A.
  4. The teacher gave his students a lecture after no one did their assignment.
  5. She aligned each individual piece of chalk in a row.
  6. Despite the allegations of murder, Brian was able to walk free.
  7. The ligament in her leg snapped leaving the poor girl in an ample amount of pain.
  8. I had to constrict the pipe cleaners by wrapping a rubber band around them in order to place them in my tool box.
  9. Because of her distinguishable features, the police were able to identify her.
  10. The doctor had the check the young boy’s sense by stimulating his five senses.
  11. The pungently taste of the restaurant’s food made me what to never return to the same restaurant again.
  12. Because of pugilism nature, Bill was a professional boxer.