Weekly Log 5


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Latin Lesson 9:

  1. mir- wonder
  2. quer, quest, quir, quis- seek; ask
  3. queri, queru- complain
  4. roga- ask
  5. pet- seek; attack
  6. ora- mouth; speech; prayer
  7. preca- pray
  8. preci- price; value
  9. pecu- one’s own; private property; money
  10. propr, proper- one’s own; individual
  11. lucr- gain; profit
  12. fisc- purse
  13. merc- trade

Latin Lesson 10:

  1. put- cut; prune; away; clear up; think; suppose
  2. ratio; ration- reason; relationship
  3. prob- test; prove
  4. solv, solut- loosen; set free
  5. arbitr- consider; judge
  6. jur, just- right; justice; oath
  7. judic-judge; decide
  8. cred, credit-believe, trust
  9. nega, negat-deny
  10. fid-faith
  11. feder-league; alliance; bond
  12. doc, doct-teach
  13. dub, doct-doubt
  14. vacill-waver
  15. oscill-swing
  16. oss-bone
Latin Lesson 10:

  1. ndum-to be
Latin Lesson 9:

  1. She loved to admire all the work the students put into their artwork.
  2. He was inquisitive towards the unknown substances.
  3. Brittany was being querulous when she learned she had to share a room with her meanest sister.
  4. The investigator had interrogate the criminal in efforts to solve the murder.
  5. The petulant man screamed out the top of his lungs when the cashier got his change wrong.
  6. she gave an oral presentation because she was comfortable talking in front of the class.
  7. The inexorable situation left everyone there toes because they knew there was no way to prevent the car from breaking down,
  8. The witch left a imprecation on the poor boy which cause him to turn into a polar bear.
  9. It is better to pay packaged food because it does not depreciate as quickly as fruits.
  10. The peculiar figure stood in the corner leaving everyone uncertain of the figure’s intent.
  11. Bob Barker revealed appropriate answer was 9.99.
  12. Candice’s lucrative idea produced nearly five million dollars.
  13. The fiscal had reached one billion dollars and counting which left the government in shock.
  14. The possible increase of commerce left everyone curious to weather or not they would have enough product left.
  15. Everyone called the baby precious.

Latin Lesson 10:

  1. She had to compute the numbers in order to get the product.
  2. The girl used ratiocination thinking to find the exact answer.
  3. Because she decided it was okay to steal, Brian got put on probation for one year.
  4. Scott solution to the problem was to leave earlier.
  5. For her job, Skyler had to go undercover to arbitrate the criminal.
  6. The police officer was out of his jurisdiction so he could not do anything about the situation.
  7. The judicial branch of government is made up of the court system.
  8. Her credit card was denied after she did not pay her bill.
  9. She was so negative about the situation that the outcome was as bad as her attitude.
  10. Brittany’s fidelity to Cory is amazing in the sense that she supports everything he does.
  11. The docile student took control of the class when the teacher was absent.
  12. She was dubious towards the situation because nothing was properly planned.
  13. The injuries in the NFL are so common that is for people to vacille their decisions on players.
  14. Usually fans will have an oscillate button in order to move air throughout the entire room.
  15. The human body is very osseous due to the fact it’s made of skeleton structure.

Latin Lesson 9 roots:

    1. As she looked in the mirror, she wonder who she would be when she got older.
    2. She had an important query for the police officer.
    3. The pregnant women felt queasy every morning at the beginning of her pregnancy.
  • Rogation week is celebrated by the christian church.
  1. She was petrified by the man dressed in a clown costume.
  2. The orator spoke to the high school students about achieving their goals.
  3. They are taking extra precautions at the super bowl die to previous terrorist threats.
  4. Her jaw dropped to the ground as she perceived the truth about her boyfriend.
  5. The pecuniary man cared about nothing but money
  6. Bill always behaved with propriety in efforts to show the teachers respect.
  7. Her umbrella was involucre in nature because it helps cover people from rain.
  8. The car dealership confiscated his car due to lack of payment.
  9. Autumn begged for mercy when the dog attacked her but no one was around

Latin Lesson 10:

  1. He was a putative sheriff of his county for the last ten years.
  2. The ratio of people preferring popcorn over chips was 2:1.
  3. Sandra was probably going to fail the test because she did not study.
  4. The teacher asked him to solve the math problem on the board.
  5. The arbitrageur engaged in buying and selling securities.
  6. The jury convicted the women of first degree murder.  
  7. The judge sentenced her to for years in jail for stealing.
  8. The creditor called my house everyday in efforts to get the money I owe.
  9. Her medicine negated the pain from her broken foot.
  10. Because she was extremely nervous, Haley fidgeted with her purse until they called her name.
  11. Politics are apart of the federalism in Canada.
  12. His doctor gave her the good news that she was cancer free.
  13. Karl’s dubiety nature made him question everything.
  14. Her vacillatory nature made her change her mind at least ten times a day.
  15. He used an oscilloscope to view the oscillations.
  16. The ossification of the bone replaced the old bone material with new bone.