Weekly Log 4


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Lesson 7:

  1. anim- life, spirit, mind, soul
  2. viv, viv- live
  3. mort- death
  4. mord, mors- bite
  5. morb- illness
  6. mor- custom
  7. dorm- sleep
  8. somn- sleep, dream
  9. torp- stupor, numbness
  10. para, par- prepare, ward off
  11. par- equal

Greek Lesson 3:

  1. theo- god
  2. geo- earth
  3. helio- sun
  4. dyn, dynam- power, force
  5. chron- time
  6. chrom, chromat, chro- color
  7. meter, metr- measure
  8. center, centr- center
  9. cycl- circle
Greek Lesson 3:

  1. mono- one
  2. bi- two
  3. dis, di- two, twice
  4. iso- equal
  5. ortho- correct, right, straight
Lesson 7:

  1. parous- bearing, producing

Greek Lesson 3:

  1. latry, later, latrous- worship
  2. mancy, mantic, mancer- divination, prophecy, one who divines or prophesies, prophesying, having to do with divination


Lesson 7:

  1. Because she was very magnanimous against her biggest rival at the dance competition, everyone remembered her for her generosity.   
  2. The students had revivify the dull book the teacher assigned them by giving life to every character.
  3. It was rumored he was immortal because people often joked he had been around forever.
  4. The mordant comment left everyone in shock especially the teacher who sent him down to the principle.
  5. Bill morbific obesity cause him to develop heart disease.
  6. Robert’s morality was questionable due to the fact he had stolen a book from the store.
  7. Everyone tried to wake the dormant sleeper but no one was successful.
  8. Due to her insomnia, Brittany stayed up the entire night.  
  9. On Mondays everyone seems to be very torpid because everyone is half way awake during class.
  10. The section described the glass apparatus that the students needed to use in their biology experiment.
  11. Men and women became parity when women gained the right to vote.
  12. A platypus is viviparous animal due to the fact the animal
  13. Her animation was so realistic it seemed as if it were alive.
  14. His vitality showed when he flex his gigantic biceps muscles.
  15. Everyone has the privilege of having their paper read by a peer

Greek Lesson 3:

  • Brittany’s polytheism beliefs caused her to believe in the god of love, the god of truth, and many others.
  • Because of her love for the Earth’s features, Bethany studied geology college.
  • Her divine love for the sun cause her to practice heliolatry.
  • Earth’s most intense magnetic force is known as its isodynamic.
  • They would joked that he was so old not even a chronometer could measure how old he was.
  • Chelsea’s all red painting was monochrome.
  • His heliocentric views had to do with the center of the sun.
  • Everyday he rode his bicycle to the store everyday.
  • India is run under diarchy because it is governed by two independent authorities.
  • The gate covered the perimeter of her backyard.
  • Due to revelations in the bible her bibliomancy was the world was coming to an end.
  • The line of symmetry divide the paper exactly in half.
  • Brian’s eccentric question left the teacher confused.
  • The orthophonic therapy blocked out most of the surrounding noise.
  • Bethany’s worst subject was geometry because of all the shape she was forced to work with.

Roots Latin Lesson 7:

  1. The most lively animal at the zoo was the monkeys.
  2. Jane’s vivid dream left her questioning if it was a reality or not.
  3. Her mortality was at risk when she was hit by a car twice her car’s size.
  4. Because he was morbidly obese, Steve got heart disease.
  5. Mary’s morals were put to the test when she was offered drugs at the party.  
  6. She did most of her studying was done in her dormroom.
  7. Her asomnia caused her to fall asleep very quickly.
  8. Candice’s torpor qualities made her seem as if she was very lazy.
  9. She used a paradox to code what she actually wanted to say.
  10. The centriole is located near the animal’s nucleus.  
  11. There was an unknown parallel between the two girls.

Roots Greek Lesson 3:

  1. The theologist studied multiple gods.
  2. Earth’s geography consists of hills and plains.
  3. Her heliotrope plant produced blue and purple flowers.
  4. They were known as the dynamic duo with the power they possessed.
  5. She wrote her books in chronological order or the way things happened.
  6. My multi colored artwork was chromatic.
  7. The bug stood five centimeters tall.
  8. The centriole is located near the animal’s nucleus.
  9. He washes his clothes on a twenty minute cycle.