Weekly Log 2


Root w/definition Prefix w/definition Suffix w/definition
Latin Lesson 5:

  1. aur- eat
  2. ocul- eye
  3. vid, vis- see
  4. divid, divis- separate
  5. spec, spic, spect- look at, examine
  6. aud, audit- hear
  7. gust- taste
  8. ger, gesr- bear, carry
  9. palp- feel, touch
  10. tang, ting, tag, tig, tect- feel, touch
  11. tac, tic- silent
  12. teg, tect- cover

Latin Lesson 6:

  1. sens, sent- feel, be aware
  2. cern, cert, cret- sift, separate, distinguish, decide
  3. crim, criminal- judgement, accusation, crime
  4. sci- know
  5. sap, sip- taste, discern, be wise
  6. sag- shrewd, wise
  7. fa, fat, fess, far- speak
  8. far- devine law
  9. fatu- foolish
  10. fac, fact, fect, fic, fy- do, make, cause
  11. fing, fig, fict- form, shape, invent, imagine
  12. fig, fix, fy- fasten, pierce
  13. simil, simul, sembl- together, likeness, pretense

Greek Lesson 2:

  1. arch, archi- rule, govern
  2. dem- people
  3. gen, gon- kind, race, origin, angle
  4. gon- woman
  5. gyn, gyne, gyanec, gynec- woman
  6. log- idea, word, speech, discussion, reason, study
Latin Lesson 5:

  1. aur- gold
  2. argent- silver
  3. ferr- iron
  4. plumb- lead

Latin Lesson 6:

  1. quasi- as if, seemingly
  2. non, ne- not

Greek Lesson 2:

  1. archea, archa- ancient
  2. hetero- various, unlike
  3. homo- same
  4. olig- few
  5. pan, panto- all
  6. poly- many
Latin Lesson 5:

  1. fer- bear, carry
  2. ferous- produce
Latin Lesson 5:

  1. I am an aural learner rather than a visual learner because I prefer listening over seeing.
  2. The oculist helped catch her eye cancer before it spread.
  3. She felt invisible towards the rest of her class because no one seemed to notice her.
  4. No matter how hard one tries, the number 247 is indivisible by two.
  5. The teacher said, “Expect there will be a quiz tomorrow over the notes we took yesterday.”
  6. The magazine was also available for audible purposes for those who have trouble learning visually.
  7. Her parents felt a strong sense of disgest when they found the rotting milk in Brittany’s room.
  8. His doctor told him ingest the medicine twice a day for the next month.
  9. Candice’s hand was impalpable due to the severe burn on her hand.
  10. Her bright red coat made her tangible when I lost her.
  11. Although they did not speak, their handshake represented their tacit agreement to buy food.
  12. The detective investigated the murder in order to solve who did it.
  13. Lauren’s piece of gold was a aureate color which is almost similar to a shade of yellow.
  14. Steve’s silver coins were an argent color relating a shade of gray.
  15. The iron bar was ferriferous in its content.

Latin Lesson 6:

  1. The little girl was very sensitive to the words of her peers.
  2. Brittany discern the gloomy figure in the distance.
  3. No one should discriminate against the book if they have not read it yet.
  4. The omniscient narrator knew everything about the characters.
  5. Bill’s science professor was fairly insipid because his voice was very dull.
  6. My mom always said I am sagacious because I always make the best decisions in the most difficult situations.
  7. A good quality a sales person possess is being affable in efforts to make friends with the customers in order to make sales.
  8. Gru from the minions movie is nefarious with all the evil crimes he attempts to committee.
  9. The girl was fatuous when she left on her straightener resulting in the burning of her house.  
  10. Amazon’s factory makes all of their products that are seen on the shelves of stores.
  11. His mom knew his story was fiction when she saw him at the mall instead of studying at a friend’s house.
  12. Most words have a prefix that can be found at the beginning of the word.
  13. Kaden’s assemble of the legos was perfectly arranged in the shape of a castle.
  14. My mom uses a app to simulate a barking dog to keep intruders out of our home.
  15. Everyone knew her story was quasihistorical when she started talking about animals that could speak.

Greek Lesson 2:

  1. Countries of anarchy do not like being controlled by any sort of rule.
  2. Because he was fascinated with bones, Brian went to college to study archaeology.
  3. The census is a great way to keep track of a country’s demography.
  4. My niece’s blocks are heterogenous because no two blocks are exactly the same.
  5. The lockers of Perry Meridian High School are homogeneous as result of every locker being the exact same.
  6. The four sided shape was a polygon.
  7. The girls club was run under a gynarchy due to the fact the club had only girls.
  8. As a result of the business being small, it was run under an oligarchy.
  9. The Flin water epidemic in Michigan has several left ill.
  10. Ebola was pandemic causing an outbreak of illness stretching from Africa to America.
  11. In Idaho potatoes are endemic to the region.
  12. A group of men called themselves misogynist due to the fact they hated women.
  13. To learn more about his family history, Jim took a liking to genealogy.
  14. There was a diagonal line that stretched across the paper from corner to corner.
  15. Augustus Water decided to have a pre funeral in order to hear his own eulogy and be with the ones he loved the most.

Roots Latin Lesson 5:

  • The teacher’s positive aura raised the children’s spirits about the class
  • The opening was oculus since it appeared as an eyelike opening.
  • For my project, I used a video for the visual representation portation.
  • As a result of everyone being present, the teacher was able to divide the class in half.
  • The polar bear spices needs help surviving due to climate change.
  • Instead of reading the book I bought audio tape.
  • She said the gustatory of her hamburger was awful.
  • A geraniol substance is used in all perfumes and soaps.
  • My medical doctor had to give a palpate examination on the bump on my head.
  • In the zoo, the tiger is one of the most vicious species.
  • Her tactic was to type her paper instead of hand write it in efforts to save time.
  • A recent Meteor shower messed with tectonic of the Earth.

Roots Latin Lesson 6:

  1. Brittany felt a sense despair when her grandmother unfortunately passed away.
  2. He was almost certain the homework was not due until the next school day.
  3. Her criminal intent was to rob the bank.
  4. The college science department was phenomenal in research for the natural world.
  5. She sipped the drink slowly due to its hot contents.
  6. The Twilight saga captured the hurts of multiple teenage girls.
  7. Because her face was extremely burnt, it hurt to open her eyes.
  8. The hospital was farther away than he expected causing him to miss the birth of his second child.
  9. Their only downfall was men had several fatuity traits because of their immature nature.
  10. The facade of Perry Meridian High School is located at the front of building facing the parking lot.
  11. Candice used her finger to point out the car she desperately wanted.
  12. The media always pressures young women to have a tiny figure.
  13. Both girls had similar shirts on.

Greek Lesson 2:

  1. Carl’s love for rocks cause him to be interested in archean.
  2. The results of the demographics survey showed humans have became less tolerable to harsh conditions over time.
  3. In the general population it seems people love to read.
  4. She was in such a rush that she was gone before the curtain closed.
  5. Her love for babies caused her to go into the gynaecology field for delivering babies.
  6. McDonald’s logo is the huge golden arches seen out in front of every store location.