This link will provide an explanation to how the vocabulary portion on the SAT works. It also provides effective and helpful studying techniques.

Improve your vocab while surfing the web!

Step 1: Visit the website & drag the ProfessorWord badge  bar to the
leftside of your Bookmarks Bar.

Step 2-

  1. Visit any websitee.g., The New York Times.
  2. Select theRun ProfessorWord !” button from your Bookmarks Bar.
  3. Click any word to view its definition.


College Board

This link will take you to a series of practice questions, scores, and college information to aid you in preparing for the SATs.

Major Tests

This website provides practice questions that you may encounter while testing.

ProProfs - The Knowledge FREEway


Help build and test your knowledge with a series of tests.

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SAT vocab practice tests

Try a number of practice test that’s sure to benefit any student taking the SAT test.

Words with Roots

Type in a root, suffix, or prefix, and find a specific word to get exactly what you’re looking for!

Vocab lists to remember

Visit this link to receive extra practice with the words most commonly found on the SAT test. For efficient studying try learning a list of 100 words from this site each week!


Here, you can find interesting facts about various words such as their plural forms, synonyms, rhyming words, and even example sentences.



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