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Hello overachievers! This is site, managed by Hailey Ellis, Kylie Mummaw, and Bethany Kurasch. It is directed at students (or anyone looking to increase their vocabulary for pretentious reasons) to help them learn, remember, and properly use a variety of words that may or may not be used in everyday conversation. Moreover, this is a place made for comfortable study, a quiet corner for anyone who can’t find a good place to nestle in and get down and productive. We here at WordsTheWord try to keep stressful students cool and collected, and do our best to teach the “snobs” accurate word usage. So, grab a coffee or some tea, a healthy (or sugary) snack, and your best hipster glasses! Good luck!


Tips and Advice for Studying


Last minute cramming never helped anyone, and pulling an all-night review session does more harm than good to your well-being. The ‘slow and steady wins the race’ attitude is the best course of action.

This site strives to provide the tools needed for success, but most remember that above all else work smarter not harder. Here are some sites that give direct advice to students struggling to retain information and balancing out too many flashcards:

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